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Finding Artistry in Every Moment
by Lisa Y. Taylor, San Antonio Weddings

Through the lens of Gary Gibson, every wedding is as unique as the bride and groom he photographs. His job, he says, is to take the shots that will capture the grand events as well as the fine details of their momentous day.

“My Approach is to tell the story of the wedding day,” says the owner of Gary Gibson Photography. “I like to let the occasion take its natural course and snap people and places in a captivating, artistic way.”

Pre-Wedding Portraits

Gibson allows his calm demeanor to put a bride at ease, so that her personality shines during her portrait session.

“I start off with a few standard poses, and then I let her individuality inspire the rest of the shots,” he says. “She may want to stick with conventional pictures, or she may want to try a contemporary image where she’s fashionably posing against dramatic lighting.”

For engagement portraits, Gibson customizes poses and photo shoot venues according to a couple’s interests. Though he frequently works at traditional locales such as the McNay Art Museum and the San Antonio Missions, he can also recommend urban scenes that feature popular downtown buildings and Hill Country hideaways that showcase breathtaking landscapes.

“I ask the bride and groom if they have a special place in mind that represents an aspect of their relationship, for instance, possibly the place where they got engaged or met,” he says. “I will also travel to more distant locations such as ranches and beaches.”

Ceremony Details

On the big day itself, Gibson makes sure to snap the details – the delicate petals of altar flowers, the curves of aisle bows, the prismatic display of stained glass windows – that give distinction to a ceremony site.

And in order to maintain the reverent mood of the ceremony, he utilizes large telephoto lenses that allow him to zoom up-close and high-speed lenses that focus on action without flashes.

“From the bride’s march down the aisle to the couple’s vows, I cover ceremonies in an unobtrusive manner,” he says. “So much is said through their expressions and body language, so I’m ready to capture those emotions.”

Reception Action

Following the formal shots at the ceremony, Gibson stands equipped to catch the many festivities of the reception. He employs a special lighting system that uses small flashes that enhance the depth of photos.

“By using high-tech lighting and shooting from different angles, my photos possess more dimension and drama than typical images,” he says. “So events such as the first dance and cutting of the cake seem to come alive in the pictures.”

Gibson takes a two-prong strategy for receptions: candid shots for dancing and socializing scenes and artistic poses of the bride and groom.

“I’m constantly moving throughout the reception, looking for opportunities to snap the wedding couple and their guests having a good time,” he says. “But I will also take creative pictures of the bride and groom posing by an iconic feature of the venue, such as a beautiful fountain or ornate staircase.

Personalized Service

Gibson offers packages designed for a range of budgets. His basic package includes his photography services and images on a CD while his premium package encompasses his photography services and a 50-page coffee table album with an acrylic photo cover. He is the head photographer for all weddings, and for larger weddings he also takes an assistant.

To stay informed about the latest photography trends and technologies, he is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Digital Wedding Forum.

In addition to regular business hours, he also offers both evening and weekend appointments.

“Part of giving personalized attention is accommodating my client’s schedules and giving them a fast turn-around on their photos,” he says. “After all, it’s one of the biggest days of their lives, so they can’t wait to see their pictures and relive every moment.”

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